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"The mountain is a place to build a home."

© Vanessa S. P

The A Residence sits on a privileged hillside estate in a rural area of Haiti with a tropical wet and dry or savanna climate with average temperatures of 26 °C and relative humidity of up to 74.55%. It is surrounded by tall and svelte pine trees and numerous species of plants that adorns us with their interesting foliage.  The project seeks to alter the site as little as possible, using materials such as stone and wood, and seeking a contemporary language that is also appropriate for the context. From the beginning of the design process, we aimed to develop the project in a structural rhythm that could create a quadricular and simple building. Considering the nature of the ground, we decided to opt for a system of structural modules based on steel columns and beams that determine the skeleton and shape of the building.  Maybe in the future the roof could be habitable for different events. Concrete and stone walls, on the other hand, represent the simplicity and purity of the materials used to separate the different spaces.  The climate and passive architectural methods were very important to the design. Therefore, we decided to separate the house from a stone retaining wall to ensure ventilation during the hot months and to take advantage of the sunlight during the day. Opening up to valleys and mountains was one of the design priorities sought when creating this project.  In doing so, they take advantage of the sloping terrain to incorporate large cantilevered terraces that offer views of the surrounding landscape.


A Residence


Belot, Haiti


June 2023

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