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1986/18/12, Haiti









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I'm Vanessa, I was born in Port-au-Prince Haiti in December 1986, lived in the Dominican Republic for 8 years and am currently back in my home country. I am a French and Haitian creole native speaker and am fluent in both English and Spanish. My diverse artistic interests influence my design choices. From childhood, I've explored museums, landmarks, painted, sung, and performed jazz. While not directly tied to architecture, these experiences and hobbies greatly shape my work. A visit to the Rollins Museum of Art, encountering a steel sculpture, sparked the use of patinated metal finishes in the A Residence, resulting in a distinctive appearance. Similarly, the Rolex Learning Center, demonstrated the value of organic shapes and barrier-free spatial fluidity, later implemented into many projects. Music inspires spatial harmony, while painting encourages flexibility in forms and palettes. This is where I draw my inspiration. I graduated from the Architecture Faculty of the Pontifical University (Santo Domingo, D.R.) in 2015 and have been working in my field ever since. I use a variety of mediums including pencil on paper and various design softwares to design and create 3D architectural models. My passion for sustainable architecture, especially in residential projects, was reinforced by Haiti’s context where ninety percent (90%) of the population lives in favelas where building codes are not followed. This was confirmed after the 2010 earthquake that destroyed a hundred and five thousand (105,000) homes and damaged more than two hundred and eight thousand (208,000).  Since then, my main ambition has been to design quality homes whilst using passive techniques from an economical standpoint, utilizing the technological instruments of sustainable design, being the tech enthusiast that I am as well and always bringing the softness of nature into the design.  Since 2013, I have been gaining professional experience, worked with architects and held positions at architecture and construction firms where I was primarily responsible for the design, budgeting, and on-site architectural supervision for both new buildings and renovations wether in commercial or residential projects. ​ This professional experience gave me the tools to lead, plan and manage all the phases of a building project, including design, procurement, construction and fit-out processes, whether as the principal architect or as part of a project team.

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