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Santo Dujour is a Haitian Free Zone under construction located in Santo 19, an area known for its vast plateaus suitable for agricultural activities.

Problems hampering its development are poor irrigation systems and lack of infrastructure. 

Santo Dujour is a free trade zone in Haiti under construction with hybrid capabilities:

Industrial operation with six planned number of hangars and preserved crops. 

Showcased is the administration's headquarter. 

A neutral color palette was deliberately chosen for the exterior and interior walls to mimic the context embodied by the contrast between dry land, dirt roads and green fields. The result is a design that blends in with the environment focusing solely only on architectural geometry and vegetation. 

To bring more interest, I decided to play with different material textures while maintaining the same tone. In fact, at the main entrance there is a claustra, outdoor steps made of Roman travertine slabs edged with black stone pebbles and at the far right is path paved with travertine cobblestones.

The tall windows and doors with a 16 mm minimalist frame design, not only reflects the greenery outside, but also brings the outside in. 


Administration Office


Santo Dujour's Free Zone, Santo 19, Haiti

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