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© Vanessa S. P; Christian Durocher, Gianel Pimentel & Rosaleida Moquette.

This collaborative project was created to fulfill the requirements of the ADOCERO Steel Design Competition, which aims to promote interest in steel as an architectural and structural component in the building industry. ​ The intervention area is specifically located in La Zurza, a district on the banks of the Isabella River (one of Santo-Domingo's waterways), with a population of about 54,000.00 habitants where most of the existing informal settlements are placed in high-risk areas due to the slopes and the soil composition. The idea was to: Submit a design proposal for an affordable communal housing development on the mountainside. The purpose of this proposal is to provide urban and architectural solutions that serve as a prototype of intervention strategies for similar locations. Transform one of La Zurza's most at-risk areas, intervening in public spaces as well to provide the necessary infrastructure and facilities. Mitigate risk and improve quality of life while providing adequate housing for 693 residents of La Zurza. Building an architectural concept that allow adaptation of hillside habitats based on appropriate use of steel.   ​ The terraced architectural solution sits on vectorial steel structures that adapt to the rugged terrain. Through this, we hope to solve the difficulty of constructing buildings on highly uneven sites without large-scale excavation work.  ​ The ordering element of the project is the hexagon and the geometric shapes that it offers when grouped. Indeed, each housing module is regulated within a hexagon and these are then unified, which allows the building to have an authentic configuration adapted to the terrain while adhering to the level curves. ​ The interior distribution of the housing spaces for the population is given by the predominant family organization that the inhabitants currently have which consists of 6 members (father [1], mother [1] and children [4] ). ​ Finally, we created an apartment building that we raised on innovative tubular prism-shaped stilts made of steel that also allowed us to respect the slope and be more cost-efficient.


Communal housing


Santo-Domingo, D.R



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