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The D residence is a three story home on an irregular shaped hillside lot located in Laboule, Haiti. It was renovated for a couple who wanted a "pied-a-terre" in the country as they travel back and forth for work. The main house is separated into two distinct areas, public in the underground and ground floor and private on the second floor. The add-on that was designed for them holds a walk-in closet on the second floor and an outdoor dining room in the veranda on the ground floor. The main house is covered by a cross-hipped roof and a flat roof with a skylight that floods the living room area with light. The add-on features a hip roof as well. In the rear yard, a vast deck connects the underground bar area to the compact dip pool and gazebo. The house was built between 1964 and 1971which explains the architectural style. As requested by our client, we were able to modernize the house by opening the interior space and creating an open floor plan and adding tall windows and folding doors. Yet, we preserved the existing arcades and brought some on the inside as well. We maintained the pitched roof and stucco finish of the original house. Other amenities include a net zero photo-voltaic system, low maintenance and drought tolerant landscaping and a lightning rod system.


D Residence


Laboule, Haiti



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