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© Vanessa S. P

The graphic shows the map of Foret des Pins where the center of interpretation is located. Below, there is a section of a the surrounding nature which is a forest.

© Vanessa S. P

The project's location is in the highlands of Haiti at 1,600 meters above sea level, near the Dominican Republic's border, in a small town called Foret-des-Pins (Pine forest), the only other natural reserve in the nation where endemic pine trees with the scientific name Pinus Occidentalis are found. ​ The inspiration for this project came from several visits to the location. As soon as we enter the forest, we come across guard brigades that describe all of the locals' activities related to the environment, which mainly consist of individual farming and regrettably coal mining from the supposedly preserved pine trees. ​ From this, emerged various necessities that would be developed on a 190 square foot lot valley,  south of the community of Foret des Pins:  ​ 1. An interpretation center which would bring tourists to the area so as to contemplate the amazing surroundings.  2. A farm to table restaurant.  3. An alternative farming school.  4. Farming areas; indoor and outdoor.  5.Promote sustainable behavior through the architecture and activities. The goal of this program is to increase tourism, assist the local economy by selling crops and subsequently preserve the remaining trees in the area. The center will serve as a model of eco-friendly architecture that not only sustains production, but also provides educational and interpretative activities and promotes the landscape values of the area in which it is located.


Interpretation center and alternative farming school 


Foret-des-pins, Haiti



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