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Located on a prominently sloped site in the middle of Port-au-Prince, the MC Residence is a home with views towards the bay area and it's own beautiful landscape. It's tall windows and folding doors frame views of the surrounding landscape.

The open floor plan is generated by a large rectangular communal space in the ground floor, private bedrooms and baths on the second floor and underground. The expansive communal space combines the kitchen, living, and dining zones wether it be indoors or outdoors. A large brise-soleil reduces solar gain and glare from the interior on the second floor and helps shade the interconnected balcony.

The exterior materials were chosen for their durability and low-maintenance such as concrete encased steel, cedar trim, and ipe decking.

The windows were positioned to favor cross ventilation so that the house would not depend on air-conditioning and the solar-ready roof help to efficiently supply the home with energy. 


MC Villa


Port-au-Prince, Haiti



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